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Helium for the party
The helium tank is perfect for home usage and a wonderful accessory for every party. It is a single use canister and can be discarded after use. The tank has sufficient helium for 30, 23cm balloons or for 8, 36cm balloons.
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Summer and Outdoor Games


Fill up the buckets (20-25 min.)

Needed: 2 buckets, 2 paper cups per child, 5 cardboard circles (40cm diameter).
Set the 5 cardboard circles one after the other in a distance of 1 meter apart. At the end, put the 2 buckets (one next to the other but both are 1m from the last circle). On the other side, divide the kids into 2 groups. Each child holds 2 cups full of water. In turns, 1 child from each team jumps from 1 circle to the other, with his 2 cups of water, till he reaches his team?s bucket. He spills the remaining water in the cups to the bucket, returns to his team and fill the cups again. During this time, the next child, from the other team can start his jumps till he reaches his team?s bucket. He fills it up with water and returns to his team. The winning team is the one that has more water in the bucket.
1) The game can be played in several rounds.
2) For younger children, place the circles closer to each other. For older, further away.
3) You can make 2 sets of circles and let the 2 teams race at the same time.
4) You can use additional bucket in the start line to fill up the cups of each child.

Water Balloon Toss (15-20 min.)

Needed: water balloons (cat#:5158 or 5159)
Divide the kids into couples where each child faces the other in distance of 2 meters apart. Give each couple a filled water balloon. Let them start throwing the balloons back and forth where with every successful catch, the catcher backs up 1 step. The winner is the couple that managed to get further apart.  
Fill the balloons with warm tap water.

Water guns target practice (20-25min.)

Needed: 1 water balloon (cat#: 5159), 1 plastic cup, 1 water gun (cat#:390268 or 390185) per child.
Put for each child water balloons on plastic cups (better to have them full of water for stability) and let the children try to knock off the balloons by squirting water with the water guns. Put a bucket full of water for the kids to fill up their guns.
The kids can take the water guns home as gifts.

Water guns confetti clearing (15-20 min.)

Needed: 1 water gun (cat#:390268 or 390185), 1 balloon (cat#: 442399), 1 plastic cup  per child and 1 bag of confetti (choose from our wide range).
Put the confetti in water and then let each child stick them to his big balloon. Then let them put the balloon on a plastic cup (better to have them full of water for stability). Let the kids squirt water on the confetti till the balloon is cleared.

The Great Candy Grab (5-10 min.)

Needed: 1 old shirt, a lots of wrapped candies, needle and thread, 1 adult willing to run
Saw in advance the wrapped candies to the shirt, use separate thread for each candy. During the party, ask the volunteering adult to put on the shirt and start running. While the kids chase the adult, they try to grab and remove the candies from the shirt.
1) Saw the candies on the back of the shirt, but not too high
2) DO NOT use staples to attach the candies, they might hurt the kids.
3) Better to use wrapped candies
4) Ask the adult not to run too fast